Friday, April 3, 2009


This morning I was listening to NPR when I hear this gem of an interview with Indiana Rep. Mike Pence (a republican). It irritates me so much that republicans are now so focused on avoiding debt--where was this ethic when Bush's tax cuts were on the table?

If Republicans are so into sacrifice, why can't they sacrifice this idiotic idea that taxation is always bad? Why can't they sacrifice some of their precious tax cuts and actually pay for the war they were so keen on just a few years ago? Why can't they sacrifice their pride and actually put forward some new, productive ideas instead of just trotting out their old, rancorous and rather unpopular ones? Seriously, why can't they sacrifice their partisanship, just a little, and actually work with the other side, work toward good, centrist legislation that's helpful for everyone in this country instead of just those few who possess most of the wealth?

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