Thursday, April 23, 2009

No one

The above is a photo Derrick took for the most recent Mission 24 photo challenge, "One." Derrick used a random number generator to create a screen full of every number except one.

Since the moment I saw the challenge I've had One or One is the loneliest number going through my head constantly. Yeah, it's fun.

To continue the theme, Sylvia is one determined kiddo, especially when it comes to cat food. We've been trying to find something she can feed to herself. Looks like she found something she likes on her own.

And finally, this is the image I submitted, entitled, "one red cent." The background is a pair of pants I recently bought from Old Navy. Who would have thought they'd be so useful?


  1. Ohh... I like your No One picture too!
    You did a great job with both shots :)

  2. I love your creativity and what you came up with for your photo! It's simple, beautiful, and unique. It's something I'd love to frame and hang on the wall for artwork - maybe if I ever have a boy I'll come back and buy a print off you for his room. Love it!