Friday, June 12, 2009


From my last post it should be obvious I'm back from Germany. I was over there for a conference, which was also a lot of fun and really reinvigorating for my work. I don't know why there are some conferences that energize me and others that drain every ounce of enthusiasm I have for science away, but I'm glad this one was one of the former rather than the latter types.

Given that I took upwards of 700 pictures, I'm going to break up the posts on my trip into days (starting with the 1st and working my way through).

I arrived in Berlin at about 8 am local time (which was something like 2 am according to my body), having only slept perhaps an hour or two on the plane. After navigating the bus, I found myself at Zoologisher Garten, which was to become probably my most visited train station. I don't speak any German, which meant I had no idea how to operate the ticket machines for the train, so I had to find someone who spoke English to help me. The first of June happened to be Pentacost (I think), which is a national holiday in Germany, so crowds were very light--making me all at once more obvious in my cluelessness, but also making the wait in lines amazingly short.

Zoologisher Garten

Proof that I was in Germany on the first of June

After checking in to the hotel, I found my way back to the park San Soussci in the center of Potsdam, where I took many photos. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take pictures inside the Neus Palais (the museum I visited there) so all I have to show are pictures of statuary on the outside.

The skies turned ominous after my tour of the museum and, about half-way through the park, it started to sprinkle, then thunder. Not wanting my camera drenched, I sprinted to a building that turned out to be the Orangerie, where I waited out the storm with a handful of others.

A reminder that tomatoes were once ornamentals--and considered inedible, even poisonous!

I walked down this picturesque little street behind the Potsdam Brandenburg gate, where I bought an ice cream (eis) for 1 euro (so cheap!) and then found a place that sold bratwursts. When I'm on vacation, I love eating dessert before dinner.


  1. i am so jealous, Kristine. My family is from Berlin (as in, my grandparents) and I have never been there.

  2. Well, as long as you're in Budapest, maybe you should take a side trip. It's a very cool place--too much to see and do for just a few day trip, but even those glimpses are amazing.

  3. We seriously thought about it, but decided that the twelve hour one-way train ride would be better spent seeing former Yugoslavia...but someday we will go.

  4. This makes me jealous too. I've been to Berlin but like you, was not there long enough!