Thursday, June 25, 2009

Experimenting with food storage

I can just imagine how this experiment started.

BYU professor/grad student: "Hey Mom, how long have you had this stuff in food storage? The layer of dust on these dried apples is pretty thick. And the label on the oatmeal here is so faded I can hardly read it."

Mom: "You know, that's the food that's going to save us in an emergency. We've probably had it since the year your Dad and I got married. A lot of people gave us food storage items for the wedding, and it was hard to get you kids to eat a #10 can of applesauce before it went bad, even with nine of you."

BYU P/GS: "Gag. Do you really think something from 1973 is any good?"

Mom: "You're a food scientist. You figure it out."

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  1. Our branch president, Pres. Huber, when we were in the 3rd branch here is a soil scientist told us all about this. He said even things like canned beans and tomatoes will last a lot longer than you think. He said it might be mushy and taste a little off, and some nutrients might have degraded but it's still edible and will still keep you alive.