Saturday, August 22, 2009

Borax the buggers!

My cat sleeps anywhere and everywhere. On my bed, on the couch, under the bed, in Sylvia's room, under the kitchen table, in the hall, and, on occasion, on the bathroom rug. That wouldn't be such a big deal except that Mattie has developed a flea infestation and since she sleeps everywhere, there are now fleas everywhere. Everywhere.

Yesterday morning, I spotted a flea on Sylvia's forehead while we were playing in her room. So, I pulled out the flea powder that I've been trying (rather unsuccessfully) on my cat and dumped it all over the carpet in Sylvia's room, left it for a few hours, and then vacuumed the rug thoroughly.

Then, this afternoon I spotted two fleas hopping across Sylvia's forehead while I was nursing her on my bed. So, after a very productive (and enjoyable!) day of canning tomatoes with Mary, I spent my afternoon cleaning bedding and vacuuming every place I could reach in my house. I'm not so sure about the wisdom of spreading flea powder everywhere in the house, especially with a one-year-old, so I purchased a box of borax and spread that around, which should dessicate the little critters (or so I hope).

Perhaps my annoyance with my reading material has simply been practice so that the real dander raising event of the week isn't such a shock to my system.

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