Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's about LIBERTY!!!

The health care debate is rather fascinating, not least because there are so many people so very upset about the possibility, and using such impressively misleading and illogical arguments to stop attempts at honest change.

WHAT: Town Hall Meeting about national healthcare policy.
WHERE: Tippecanoe County Library
WHEN: 7pm Monday, Aug.17 at South St. Lafayette branch, and 7pm
Tuesday, Aug.18 at Klondike Rd. W.Lafayette branch
WHY: To discuss/debate the ramifications of a national healthcare policy

Senators Lugar and Bayh, as well as Congressman Buyer have been sent an invitation via certified Fedex, fax and email. In addition we have invited State Senator Ron Alting, Rep. Sheila Klinker, Mayors Roswarski and Dennis, all city council members. We have requested, in person, that Senator Lugar cancel his trip to Canada next week and attend our meeting. Please call his office in Indy. and do the same. Local elected officials are important because they can lobby congress on our behalf, and should do so.

This could not be more important. A national healthcare plan, and /or the cap and trade policy would be the nail in the coffin of what remains of our freedom.

It's not about health, it's about LIBERTY!!!

It is about liberty, but not in the way this writer intended. Health care is fast becoming a severe burden on our economy, and eventually will be a severe burden on our society. I suppose we could let things go back to where only the wealthy or the lucky have access to reasonable health care, but that seems a waste, given we would then be essentially abandoning a significant population and essentially wasting the other investments that have been made in them. Our nation needs freedom from skyrocketing costs that do little to aid our health and leave many close to or in bankruptcy.

I hear people up in arms about government intrusion in health care and about rationing, but right now insurance companies are the ones intruding and the ones rationing, and they apparently aren't very good at doing either in a way that actually controls costs. We need a system that is actually capable of providing the basics of health care to everyone, allows those with greater needs/wants to secure those, and does this without breaking the bank. The current system is heading far from that, providing basic health care to fewer and fewer, and doing it all for more money. For that reason alone I don't buy the argument that the market creates efficiency. I am unconvinced that competitive markets work well for public goods--roads, schools, the military, and apparently, health care. If it's something everyone needs access to, the requirement of profit for the provider seems to inhibit the provision of the good or service to everyone. That seems like a problem to me, and one I have yet to hear a good solution for from the status quo people.

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