Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sleep, beautiful sleep

So, last night I, silly person that I am, stayed up until 2 am reading a book (Tales from Earthsea), which I do have to say I quite enjoyed. Earlier this week I finished reading The Shell Seekers, which was okay but not really the type of book I typically read (preferring science fiction and fantasy normally). Somehow reading something I just found okay made me want to read something I really enjoy, thus the indulgence of reading a collection of fantasy short stories far into the night.

Typically, staying up late isn't a problem because Sylvia sleeps about as late as we do. Or, if she wakes early I can nurse her back to sleep and go back to sleep myself. Unfortunately, last night when Sylvia woke up she started crying--hard--and would not be comforted. I'm not sure if she had night terrors or if there was something wrong that we missed. Eventually she fell asleep, but she woke up maybe an hour later, crying again. She basically didn't sleep longer than 45 minutes the rest of the night (which meant I also didn't sleep longer than 45 minutes the rest of the night).

Needless to say, I'm pretty tired.

We put her to bed earlier tonight, hoping that will make a difference and she'll sleep better tonight. I'm pretty sure it's not teething since her most recent tooth (#8--yeah!) came through earlier this week. If anyone has ideas on other things to try, I'm all ears...

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