Monday, January 11, 2010

All kinds

The internet is a place where anything can be published, and many, many things are published and found that would otherwise probably languish in obscurity. Take this site, which will apparently soon receive it's millionth visitor (if it's you and you followed the link from here, you'd better share the twenty bucks with me!). The woman who has that blog is amazing with hair. Seriously creative and talented. I am in awe. Seriously.

Of course, that particular talent is one I will never even attempt to cultivate--in all likelihood Sylvia's hair will never tolerate so much styling. Mine never could and Sylvia's fine blondness is so reminiscent of my own I suspect she'll be sporting a halo of flyaway hairs with any hairdo.

It's great to see that in the great sea of the interwebs, people do rise to the top for excellence, even it is for random, sometimes weird or pointless, but always entertaining, talents.

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  1. what a cool blog from the link you posted! Maybe one of these days Adelynne will let me try one of them out.