Saturday, January 9, 2010


Wow, it's cold. I know, it's the midwest in winter, but it's so cold. I miss the mountains for their beauty every day, but on days like today, I miss them for the insulation they provide.

I'm still working on prepping photos to post, but I finally downloaded all my pictures from the trip so I can post a few of them.

The bug girl has a new bug dress and some fun wooden toys to throw around, courtesy of her grandparents.

I found this picture of me as a baby and thought it would be interesting to see the comparison between Sylvia and the picture. We're definitely related!

I'm sad this picture is blurry, but Sylvia's still cute. We stopped at the Great Salt Lake on our way up to the New Year's non-party and took a few photos, since it was beautiful and we showed up just in time for sunset. I had to twist Derrick's arm a bit to get him to stop (I think he asked three times if I really wanted to stop or not) and he said he didn't want to take any pictures. That lasted all of about 2 minutes before he stole my camera to take a few pictures of his own. Sylvia had a blast in the snow and I think would happily have stayed to play in the snow banks had we not strapped her back into her car seat for the remainder of the trip to Mimi's.

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  1. Wow she's getting so big!! Time sure flies, doesn't it???