Friday, January 22, 2010

So cute, Newt!

I just love it when Republicans try to sound populist. It's adorable. Take Newt Gingritch in this interview on NPR. He claims,

But the convoluted, very complex system that we built over the last 30 years has primarily been anti-middle class. It's been anti-middle class candidates. If you're going to retain constitutional freedom and allow people to criticize their politicians effectively and allow them to be engaged effectively, I think you want to really be engaged in allowing the maximum of resources to be in politics, not the minimum.

My thinking was always the best way to criticize your politicians is with direct communication to said politicians and a vote against them if they fail to live up to your desires. Silly me!

He also claims,

Well, the president was elected in part by labor unions who massed their resources of people, who have no choice but to have their money taken out of their dues. The president spent money that was donated through to a variety of organizations, including, by very, very rich people.

Those rich people, all over the country; more than a million of them. More donors than any other campaign in history. Yeah, those very, very rich people who donated to the Obama campaign and helped him steal the election from the Republicans, the true keepers of our nation's best interests.

Well, now those populist Republicans can even the playing field! They can accept as much money as companies will give them. Isn't that great?

If only people could be counted on to question everything they're told, especially on TV and radio, and find out the truth behind whatever claims are made in the political arena--whether from conservatives or liberals--then it wouldn't be a big deal. Unfortunately, advertisers pretty much know what's going to convince people to buy something, whether it be a product or an idea, and I fear all this money will do is spread the lies we all want to hear further and further. Sounds like is going to be a more and more important (and I hope more and more widely read) source of political information in the future.

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