Saturday, March 20, 2010


I've been in need of a spray bottle for a little while now. Apparently, or so I've been told, in order to get the perfect crust on a loaf of artisan bread you need to spritz it through the first part of the cooking process. Unless, of course, you have a fancy oven that steams the bread as it bakes, but, being a poor non-starving grad student, I just have a regular old normal oven. Which is fine, but it means that if I want to make bread I need a spray bottle.

At the store I had two options: a $0.98 small bottle and a $2.98 large option. Since the small option was also rather flimsy I purchased the larger, more expensive spray bottle and brought it home. As with all new toys, as soon as I unpacked it (which had to wait until after Sylvia went to bed--at 10:30!) I had to try it. So, I filled it with a few ounces of water and played with it until I convinced it to mist perfectly. Also, as with all new toys, the activity attracted the attention of my husband, who, as I put down the spray bottle, grabbed it from my hands and sprayed me in the face.

It's good people are predictable. Keeps life from disappointing.

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