Monday, June 21, 2010


Yesterday was the longest day of the year, which is probably part of why Sylvia had such a hard time going to sleep (that and we're in a different place--my Mom's house--and she doesn't have a crib to confine her).

This weekend's been pretty fun. We went to the Whitaker family reunion with my dad and his wife and met a bunch of cousins there. My Dad and his wife milked cows on Friday morning, which Sylvia also seemed to enjoy. She spoke very seriously about cows that morning, and being nice to them. Later that night, before the weenie roast, we took a ride on Lynn's horse-drawn wagon. Sylvia was very curious about the horses but since they're pretty young and skittish around people we kept her away from them.

Saturday morning, after gorging herself on three pancakes and a bunch of scrambled eggs, Sylvia had a blast playing games and blowing bubbles. I think her favorite activity was playing with the parachute--an activity that was complicated by high winds. She napped just before lunch (which was okay--I'm not sure she would have enjoyed the pancake peanut butter sandwiches the kids were given) and we stuck around for the fund raiser auction/raffle.

Yesterday we went to church. It's been a while since we've gone. I haven't figured out where our new ward is, or even which stake we're in, and we've been so busy anyway. Sylvia was pretty calm through sacrament meeting, but wouldn't let me leave the nursery after I dropped her off. Really, it was more the nursery workers were unable/unwilling to deal with her crying. Probably missing this week's Sunday school lesson was alright, though, since I think (from the few minutes I attended) the lesson was the one about Deborah. I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut in that one since it basically relegates Deborah, a Prophetess and the speaker for the Lord, to a minor role as the "friend" rather than allow her the position of leadership the scriptures suggest she filled. Just a little irritating to my feminist sensibilities. And, apparently, not just mine.

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