Monday, June 14, 2010

Tough kid

I took Sylvia to the local park today for the first time. She had fun playing on the equipment and throwing sand. Not unexpectedly she was drawn to the swings, so I put her on one (a big-kid swing--not the more confining ones for smaller kids). For a while she did really well, but eventually she slid off--something I was too slow to catch. She slid off the swing entirely at the apex of one swing and dragged her feet through the sand all the way through the arc, then face-planted right in front of me (I was standing in front pushing). The other parents sucked in deep breaths, and then Sylvia stood up, got a hug, and went right back to the swing.

I'm glad she's as tough as she is. It means that when she cries it's pretty much because it does, indeed, hurt.

In other news, Sylvia's pretty much given up on learning her ABC's. Instead, she's learning alpha, gamma, and (her favorite) delta. Apparently she agrees with her dad that Greek letters are cooler than Roman ones.

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