Sunday, June 27, 2010

Things that make me glad to be in Utah

Today we went to my mom's church for her worship services. They're different than what I'm used to in an LDS ward--much more interactive. More singing, too, which I enjoyed, especially since I was standing next to my very talented mother. I don't get too many opportunities to hear her sing, let alone sing with her, and it was nice--something I definitely miss.

Thursday I went to my grandma's house, where my cousin Anna graciously watched Sylvia for much of the afternoon. I should have worked on school stuff; instead I finished a nursing cover (though mine's lined) I promised my cousin, oh, six months ago, and hadn't found the time to finish. I was so energized by finishing that one (and reluctant to waste the left-over materials) I made another for another cousin who is expecting in August. For the second, though, I put my two pieces of fabric with the right-sides together, pinned the straps in, and sewed the whole thing like a receiving blanket. I sewed the boning in with the top stitching. I found that an easier method.

Friday I visited my cousin who recently had a baby, and delivered the nursing cover. I, of course, took pictures, some of which I've included below.

My other cousin modeling the Maya wrap:

Tuesday Melissa, Sylvia and I went hiking. We didn't actually get much hiking done--I didn't want to walk up anything too steep, and Sylvia was distracted by a stream on the less steep path.

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