Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Like tearing away a part of me

I was referred to this article on the Earth Sciences Women's Network (ESWN). For a scientist in training (and perhaps others) it's a good read, though depressing as it brings home the point that there are so many more PhD's than academic posts out there. For science in general, that may be a good thing--increased competition means people work harder, and those who aren't really cut out for science are weeded out.

Unfortunately, there are still many more qualified, talented scientists than there are positions for them. More and more I'm feeling like I'm going to be one of the many women (people, really) who drift away from science after spending a significant chunk of their lives on it. I don't know if that's a reflection of my inadequacy, or my lack of dedication, or just an issue of my (generally retiring, low-key) constitution. I wonder if I were just more forceful and pushy (and spent less time blogging and mothering and more time working) if I could continue in science. I do know this slow separation, as I gradually transition from grad student to full-time mother, is painful.

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