Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sick house

Sylvia was sick all weekend. Not really bad sick, just a high fever and inability to sleep through the night. Friday night she curled up and went to sleep next to me at about 7 pm, at which point I realized she was quite warm. The fever was pretty high--she wouldn't let us check her in mouth temp, but her under arm temp was over 103. Definitely worrisome. The day before, in a move that I'm sure was calculated to set off my young mother paranoia, Sylvia complained about her neck hurting. I called relatives, spreading the worry over three states, and we finally decided to just watch her, giving her the last of our recalled Motrin to keep her temperature down to a more reasonable 101.

The next morning Sylvia seemed quite a bit better, though her temperature returned around noon. We took her to the doctor when her temperature topped 103.5, but by the time they got her in (almost two hours later) she was barely feverish. The doctor said she had infection in both ears and in her throat and gave us a prescription for a broad spectrum anti-biotic, which I suspected was more for me than because Sylvia actually needed it.

We decided to wait on filling the prescription to see if the fever would come down on its own, and it pretty much did. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, Derrick picked up pink-eye, I'd guess in the waiting room of the urgent care place we took Sylvia to for our peace of mind. With two nights of crappy sleep under his belt he's also apparently picked up whatever Sylvia had because he's coming down with body aches and a sore throat. So now Sylvia's better, but Derrick's sick, and I'm exhausted from a lack of continuous sleep.

Man, I love daycare. Two illnesses in three weeks, both successfully shared with a parent.

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