Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The F word, WOW

Well, we still need feminism. Not that life is great for men around the world, but especially if life sucks for men, life really sucks for women. I know, some of those examples are overwrought and manipulative, but still, some of them are really striking. More than half a million women die in labor every year? That's incredible in a day when the birth process for American women is so medicalized almost a third of all births are by c-section.

If that article depresses you, cheer up--drinking, even in excess leads to longer life. Unless, of course, you follow the word of wisdom. Then you can just be sad. Like me.



  1. Who was the prophet who said that the WOW doesn't say anything about eating alcohol? (He really liked some kind of rum cake or something if I recall.) You'll just have to get your drinking done through food. :)

  2. I believe it was David O. McKay. Maybe I'll take a rum cake to the next ward potluck and call it the "David O. McKay bundt" or something similar :)

  3. Yep, it was David O. Mckay. Just bring tiramisu, is you make it right, it has rum and coffee. A two-fer!