Monday, January 31, 2011


Have you heard about what's going on in Egypt? The riots and demonstrations, and demands for democracy from a people who have spent the last 29 years living in a dictatorship? I imagine you have, given you'd pretty much have to live in a box to not hear anything about the Egyptian riots.

I have to say, I think this is pretty cool to watch. Admittedly, I have no stakes in the events--no family, no friends; nobody I know is in any sort of danger--but I am pretty excited to see Egyptians pressing for democracy. I hope they get it, and I hope it brings them prosperity and freedom, and better lives all around. I hope that they soon see free, fair elections, and that those men and women who are elected take more care of the needs of their fellow countrymen than Mubarak has.

While perusing blogs to read more about what's going on in Egypt, I came across an account of the evacuation of LDS people on Hissatopia, and there, amongst the list, "People I Love" is the Island of Phelps (which I also link to, and who I would also categorize as "People I love"). It is a small, small world, and technology makes it even smaller. (In another random connection I had no inkling of until today, the Belts link to a San Diego family in my ward. Such a small world)


  1. Cool! I was going to comment that I know some people who have been in Egypt and link to their blog, but then you did! It's been fascinating to read Nancy's posts about everything going on over there. Oh, and I don't know if you knew Michelle Robinson in 2nd ward, but she's Nancy's cousin.

  2. I'm so glad she, and all the other bloggers out there, are writing about what's going on in Egypt. I like getting a more in-depth perspective on what regular people are experiencing.

    I'd probably recognize Michelle if I saw her, but I can't quite put a face to the name.

    Are you guys in Seattle yet? Did you manage to miss the big snow/freeze that hit the midwest this week?

  3. Yup, we left on Saturday, so we got out just a few days ahead of it. I miss it a lot, but am not sad about missing this storm - Purdue actually closed yesterday and today. I'll take the fifty degrees with some crocuses starting to pop up that we have here, thank you very much! (Of course, it'll still be fifty here when Lafayette is getting into the 70s.) My sister just forwarded me an email from a former professor who was in Egypt for a day or two. I'll have to forward it to you.