Friday, February 11, 2011

Hooray for Egypt!

This is a grand day for Egyptians. Hosni Mubarack stepped down from the presidency.

Now comes the truly hard part--governing. Putting into place a government and a set of institutions that will guarantee this hard-won freedom isn't squashed by the next autocrat is going to be tough. But wow, do I ever hope the Egyptians accomplish it. Really, I think they've got a good shot--they have a lot of well-educated young people who are optimistic and getting involved in politics. It's always difficult to generalize from news stories, but it sounds like people are concerned mostly with creating a government where the institutions are stronger than any one person, and where certain basic rights are guaranteed to all Egyptians.

This is a day that makes me want to weep with happiness. I know the situation could change drastically, and there's no guarantee the outcome of this by and large peaceful revolt will produce a better situation for Egyptians or the world, but I have hope.

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