Sunday, February 20, 2011


Several months ago, fairly shortly after we moved here, we saw snails crawling over the outside of the bedroom window. One of the snails left a long trail of poop behind it, which I, without thinking, pointed out to Sylvia. Ever since, all snails have been "poopy snails."

Yesterday morning Derrick discovered a mass of "poopy snails" happily suctioned to the underside of a discarded capri-sun package. This prompted him to yell, "Ooh gross! Come look at this!"

Somehow I don't think it occurred to him that Sylvia would be the first to respond.

Somehow I also don't think he expected our darling, precious, princess of a daughter to play with the "poopy snails."

Somehow I think Derrick has a lot to learn about little girls. Especially ones related to me.


  1. well, did she eat the snails? My brother did. He picked one up off the ground and popped it in his mouth.

    Sylvia must keep you on your toes and laughing a lot. At least it won't hurt her to eat cat food.

  2. LOL! That's gross (and hilarious)!

    She does keep us entertained :)