Sunday, March 20, 2011

Potty time II (REALLY maybe)

Friday one of Sylvia's teachers mentioned Sylvia is very interested in going to the bathroom with her classmates. We had a conversation in front of her in which we agreed that Sylvia isn't really ready for potty training.

So of course, when we got home, Sylvia went to the bathroom, all by herself. While Derrick and I were getting dinner ready, Sylvia disappeared and, a few minutes later, we heard her giggling in the bathroom. We made a big deal out of how wonderful it was and gave her panties to wear. She peed on the floor a little--we figured she'd pulled off her diaper and not gotten on the toilet quite quickly enough.

The next morning Sylvia peed in the potty successfully again, though again there were also some wet spots on the floor. A couple of hours later I discovered why. It turns out my daughter doesn't so much pee *in* the toilet is pee *from* the toilet. While I watched, she launched her pee across the bathroom, hitting everything from the floor in front of her to the open door opposite her. When I tried to tell her to pee down, she just shifted such that instead of hitting the linoleum, she was peeing toward the carpeted hallway--and my foot. I was so horrified, and yet trying so hard not to laugh I couldn't move for fear of peeing my own pants.

I think potty training is going to take a while.

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