Tuesday, March 10, 2009

For the love of the Game

Saturday night Derrick discovered the movie, "For the love of the game." It's a very good movie; the only unfortunate part of the discovery was that he found it at about midnight and it's a two hour long movie.

Derrick used to play baseball and is still somewhat of a baseball nerd. A couple of years ago when the Cardinals went to the world series, Derrick and I watched the series together. He's good enough, and has watched enough baseball, that he could sit there and predict which pitch would be thrown next. I was rather impressed by his familiarity, though he claims it all comes down to statistics. In any case, "For the love of the game" is a movie about a pitcher at the end of his career, and the final, perfect game he pitches. Much as he had during the world series, Derrick spent the two hours of the movie predicting which pitch would be thrown next.

And he'd be right.

Obviously, the person who wrote the movie was a true baseball aficionado in the same way my husband is. It's a fictional story, yet true enough to the rules of the real world that a baseball fan could predict what was going to happen next just as if a real game were underway.

Anyway, the movie lasted until 2 in the morning (before accounting for the return to standard time). Just as if he'd watched a real perfect game, Derrick was stoked up by the movie, and spent another hour talking about baseball and watching clips of past exceptional games on youtube, telling me about how the once he'd seen a real perfect game and stayed up ridiculously late to watch the end, or how he'd cried when Cal Ripkin Jr. set a new record for consecutive games played.

I love my husband dearly. You know, he didn't even cry when Sylvia was born. Guess it just goes to show what he gets emotional about.

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