Friday, March 6, 2009


I'm wishing now I'd taken some pictures of the cupcakes I made for Karla's shower. For some reason I just didn't, and of course, now I regret it. The cupcakes were a big hit, though, especially the Boston cream cupcakes (inspired by Boston banana cream pie cupcakes). I didn't bring home a single one of those!

I also made a German chocolate cupcake, with the filling from these cherry-vanilla cupcakes in a dark chocolate cupcake. I frosted those ones with whipping cream, which was okay, but I think if I do these again in the future I'll do a buttercream frosting.

Finally, I made a plain chocolate cupcake with caramel chocolate frosting. Those were also a big hit. I'm really glad I made cupcakes for the shower--even though it took a bit more time (okay, a lot more time) I loved having three different options for flavors.

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