Wednesday, March 25, 2009

random crawl

Sometimes I read articles like this one about women in science and think to myself, maybe I don't want to buck the trend. I like science and all, but some days it just seems like life would be simpler and easier and just plain more enjoyable if I gave up on my science ambitions and settled for a different, and probably just as enjoyable career. Maybe, if I were in a different profession, I wouldn't miss things like the first time my baby crawls--something I did indeed miss, but Derrick graciously captured in the photos below.


At the same time, I do like science, and I am particularly glad I'm married to a fellow scientist with whom I can be nerdy. The other night we had a red cabbage slaw that we made with a vinegar dressing. The pigment in red cabbage is an acid-base indicator, so we played around with baking soda and the vinegar dressing to change the color of the dressing.

The other day Sylvia woke Derrick from a nap, and they played for a few minutes. (now we enter into the more random part of this post.)

This ladybug found a home on a bean plant we've got growing in the kitchen.

My old roommate got married and I went to her reception. I didn't take too many pictures, but I did get a picture of the display they'd set up because I thought it looked nice and was appropriately nerdy for these two math-o-philiacs.

And finally, after my exploits making cupcakes that Derrick wouldn't eat, I thought I'd make some he'd enjoy. So, these are white cupcakes with strawberry filling and white chocolate frosting. I intended to take them to a St. Patrick's day picnic, but we ended up not going. Given how quickly we went through the cupcakes, I don't think Derrick minded keeping them.

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  1. O yum. You had to post the cupcake last, didn't you?