Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial day shenanegans

Memorial day sneaked up on us this year, though I suppose all the holidays so far have done that. Of course, I'm not sure we would have come up with better, or even different plans had we thought about it more, and our semi-planned party was quite enjoyable. Derrick, Sylvia, and I went to Stacy's for a BBQ with Aya, Thimo, where we had tasty kebabs, baked beans, and an overabundance of other food. Lots of fun, lots of good company. We even had a quick visit with Clayton, who skyped Stacy toward the beginning of the gathering.

Sylvia wandered all over Stacy and Clayton's apartment, and was mostly happy (except for naptime!). I ate way too much food (all too delicious to waste). Sylvia loves to throw herself back when twirled in a circle--something she demonstrated for Aya and Stacy who were quite impressed (or perhaps a little concerned). Derrick seemed to enjoy talking to Thimo, which was nice. He so rarely gets to be with anyone but me and Sylvia and it was nice to see him hang out with a friend.

One funny thing about the evening--none of us thought to bring beer. Derrick and I don't drink, and neither Aya nor Stacy drinks, so none of us got beer, leaving Thimo, the only drinker, dry for the evening. I don't think any of the rest of us even considered buying alcohol for the event. I suppose for Thimo, being German, beer is a pretty natural accompaniment to a meal, especially a BBQ. Not so much for the rest of us.

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