Saturday, May 16, 2009


Because my cousin's son is deaf, and because I've heard from a number of people that teaching young children to sign just makes things easier, I've been trying to sign with Sylvia. I'm not terribly consistent, and Derrick doesn't sign with her, so I haven't had much hope that it would work. Tonight, however, after Sylvia finished her graham crackers, she brought her hands together a couple of times in a way distinctly reminiscent of the sign for "more." I'm not entirely sure she meant to sign "more," but I reinforced the sign (by giving her another cracker).

I told Derrick about it (since he's in Utah) and his response was, "Oh, is that what she's been doing when she brings her hands together." Such a punk. I think Sylvia's going to be teaching him now, though, since she's apparently learning.


  1. That's great! More was Sam's first sign and his first real word. :D Signing really helped him communicate with us since he was a late-ish talker. Even now, he uses his signs to reinforce when he really means something. (We see "more" a lot still.) We only really taught him "more", "eat", "drink", "please" and "thank you." It wasn't much, but enough for him to get his point across. He's a very food driven kid. ;)

  2. I figured it was you, Ady :)

    I think Sylvia's shaping up to be a food-driven kid as well, with as much time as she spends eating during the day.

    Sadly, I tried to get Sylvia to sign again today and she didn't, so I'm not sure she was really signing or just accidentally made a sign. Maybe if she accidentally makes that sign a few more times, though, we'll reinforce it enough for it to become a real sign...

  3. She is so adorable Kristine!! She's getting so big!! Don't you think this is such a fun age?