Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sicky Cinco de Mayo

So, Sylvia's actually quite a bit better today than she was either Sunday or Monday, but she's still a bit on the clingy, whiny side, and very definitely on the snotty side. There have been times over the last three days when veritable rivers of snot ran down from my little girl's little nostrils. She gets very upset when I wipe the slime from her face--but it really does need to go.

Sunday she woke up with a fever and congestion, which made the decision to skip stake conference (wahoo! even more people to potentially infect than a normal Sunday) easy. By the end of the day I'd had it with her crankiness and refusal to sleep, and went to the store for children's Tylenol. Although her fever went down, I'm unsure it really helped her since she was still rather unhappy.

Yesterday was great for me--I proctored an exam at 8 am, so had to leave by 7:30, and I worked until about 7:30 at night in lab. While I was gone, Derrick dealt with Sylvia's whinyness, which, according to him, only got worse over the day, especially after she knocked her head against the window sill and gave herself quite a nasty purple bump.

Which was a topic of conversation today with a nice older gentleman at Bennett's (the local nursery). He told Sylvia (who I'm sure got so much out of the story) that he'd walked into a shelf to give himself a similar bruise recently. I know kids frequently have bumps and bruises, particularly when they're first learning to move around. Nevertheless, it's always just a little embarrassing when other people notice and comment. I'm glad the man made it into a very natural, normal occurrence--with all the (admittedly minor) traumas Sylvia's experienced lately, it's nice to have someone point out those sorts of things are normal.

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