Sunday, September 5, 2010

I think she likes them

Today during the testimony portion of fast and testimony meeting Sylvia knocked over a container filled with the raisins I brought for her to snack on. I could hear a collective sigh from the people around me as the raisins radiated out around me. I got down and started to pick them up and a couple of young boys, probably 10 years old, came up and helped me pick up the raisins. Sylvia stood there, staring at the boys the whole time, and when they left, she kept looking back toward their seats a few rows behind us.

Sylvia was still hungry so I pulled out the other snacks I'd brought: rainbow goldfish. All of about ten seconds after I pulled those out she'd upended them and was looking back at the boys in the back row expectantly.

I think she likes them.

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