Monday, August 25, 2008

Crazy corn

It's a very good thing Derrick and I aren't subsistence farmers. There would be very little subsisting on what we've managed to produce from our garden this year. The picture above is of Derrick eating one of our seven ears of corn. After all our planting, all our care (which was evidently not even close to enough) we raised seven ears of buggy, short, funny-looking corn. We ate every bit of it for lunch yesterday. The great thing about even funny-looking corn, though, is that when it's fresh it's still incredibly delicious. I have only rarely had corn that was as fresh and as sweet as the corn we ate yesterday for lunch.

As little success as we've experienced in our gardening this year, I think we'll be doing this again, if only to enjoy a few juicy, sticky-sweet kernels of corn.

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  1. Sylvia is so beautiful! The hot pepper story is so funny. You look so great too. Say hi to Derrick and give Sylvia a kiss for me!