Monday, August 18, 2008


As I mentioned before, I think Derrick is starting to like this new digital camera. Yesterday he accidentally took the picture below with a very long exposure time. Both of us thought it turned out quite nicely, even if it was an accident. Now, since all he'd be wasting is pixels, I think he's going to experiment with more artsy techniques (which I will then force him to teach me, bwa ha ha ha!).

We can tell Sylvia's getting out of the brand new newborn stage. Yesterday she was awake for probably close to 8 hours--long enough she was definitely bored by her parents. She did find a mirror entertaining for a few minutes, though.

She did eventually tire herself out, at which point both of us needed a nap. I think Derrick is trying to get a picture of the two of us sleeping together every day.


  1. super cute photos, when Derrik finally becomes a pro at it, maybe he can take pictures for everyone!

  2. She is so beautiful! Congrats!

    Enjoy these first days with her. :)