Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kudzu Kiddo

So, apparently whatever I'm feeding Sylvia, it's good for her. She had her 2 week checkup today and now weighs 6 lb 4 oz and is 21 3/4 inches long. By this point she's supposed to be back to her birth weight (5 lb 13 oz in her case). Everyone keeps telling me she'll grow fast--now I can see exactly how fast.

Since Sylvia had a doctor's appointment this morning I didn't take her with me to school today. Probably a good thing, since I was able to concentrate much better on the material being presented in the TA workshop, but by about 11:30 I was definitely ready to leave and get back to my little girl. It's amazing how quickly you get used to having a baby around, and how much you miss her when she isn't in your arms constantly.

I called Derrick after I was done and he said I should hurry home because Sylvia was almost out of food, but at the same time he didn't want to give me a ride. When I got home I found out why--Sylvia was finally asleep. Evidently after he dropped me off at school he took Sylvia to the garden, where she cried the whole time and refused to take the bottle of milk I'd pumped that morning because it was too cold. By the time he got her to the Doctor's office the milk was warm enough she'd drink it, but half of it had spilled in the diaper bag. The half that was left was enough to calm her for the appointment, but she messed up her diaper somewhere along the way and Derrick couldn't find any more diapers in the bag (something he scolded me for until I showed him where the six or seven spare ones were "hiding"). Fortunately they have spares at the Doctor's office, so he changed her there, but even with her incredible weight gain she's still so small the diaper was too big for her, so soon after he got her home she had a blow-out and peed on a bunch of blankets. She was also hungry again by the time they got home and the only milk available was frozen. Derrick thawed it as quickly as he could, but she still evidently screamed for quite some time. He actually gave her the milk while it still had a frozen chunk in it--and she was hungry enough that she took it! I'd left two bottles of frozen milk, just in case (each only had a couple of ounces of milk) and she polished off the first one quickly (not hard since she's not good with a bottle, so about half of whatever came out of the bottle spilled--dirtying yet more blankets) and only had the barest skim of milk left in the second by the time I got home.

Sounds like a morning without mom is a bit more exciting than when I'm around.

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