Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First day of school

I had TA training today and, because I'm breastfeeding exclusively, I took Sylvia with me. What a day! She slept quite well through the first couple of hours of presentations, but once she was awake I couldn't get her to sleep unless I was walking around--an activity not particularly amenable to listening to lecture and participating in discussions. By the time the TA workshop was over at 3 she was tired and overstimulated, and I'd only managed to hear bits and pieces of the presentations. Fortunately, they provided handouts with all of the information from the workshop, so I can still look over those. Of course, as soon as I walked out of the building where the training was being held, Sylvia fell sound asleep, turning into a little rag doll. I was so tired myself that I sat down to just enjoy a few minutes of relative peace and quiet (there were hordes of freshmen wandering around in large groups, headed by upperclassmen carrying various stuffed animals attached to poles). One of the other grad students in the EAS department walked by, admired Sylvia, and told me she's pregnant.

Somehow I'm not surprised. She was very excited about my pregnancy, and just seemed like she was ready for kids. We talked for a little while about pregnancy, and she admitted she was a little worried about being pregnant, and about having a child. I'm not surprised--I remember being apprehensive for quite some time after discovering my own pregnancy. I'm still apprehensive about making the whole grad school/child thing work together.

Anyway, Derrick picked us up and Sylvia slept for the two minute ride home, after which she wailed on and off for the next two hours. She was just so tired and nothing would calm her down. Eventually she tired herself out enough that she'd eat and she's pretty much been sleeping ever since. With the way she acted today I'm even more glad we didn't drive out to Utah for my Grandpa's funeral. That just wouldn't have been fun.

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  1. All I can say is that it gets easier as you both get into a routine - let me know if I can help in any way.