Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wishful thinking

Derrick is trying to convince Sylvia she likes hot peppers. I'm pretty sure she's unconvinced. In fact, every time a pepper comes near her mouth she closes it very tightly against the intrusion of such a brightly-colored object. She's not nearly so picky when it comes to fingers.

We've been taking her out to the garden, which she mostly seems to enjoy. The sunlight is probably helping with her jaundice. At this point she's almost as pasty as me again!

Derrick resisted getting a digital camera forever because he just didn't think they could do as nice a job as a film camera. I think he might be reconsidering a bit, though.

We think Sylvia looks like a bug when she sleeps like this (which is apparently her preferred sleeping position), so we've started calling her bug.

Since he couldn't convince Sylvia to like his peppers, Derrick has moved on to entertaining her with a hooded towel. I'm not sure she likes the Gene Simmons impression either, though.

Yes, we do rent him out for parties. Pricing available upon request ;)


  1. I love seeing ehr curled up sleeping - they sleep in the strangest positions...

  2. such cute pics - especially the sleeping position!